Financial Reports module for vtiger

Financial Reports module for vtiger

Analysis of the financial position of organizations by comparing with industry indicators on the basis of Rosstat (more than 2 million companies).

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  • Client: Center of Information Technologies
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  • Completed: 30/01/2019

Analysis of the financial situation of organizations by comparison with industry indicators based on Rosstat (more than 2 million firms).

The module is integrated with the counterparty and supplier profile.

 Go to the CRM settings, the "Other settings" section, and select the FinReports module after installation.

Enter the testfirm API and select the fields where you specify the TIN in the window.

After that, a new linked financial reporting module will appear in the counterparty's card. This module stores all the reports that you requested for this counterparty.

Click on the "Upload report" button to get the latest reports. After clicking the button, the CRM sends a request to the service and loads the reports. The result is saved in the counterparty's card.

The module is distributed absolutely free of charge, the source code is here:

If you have any questions about installing it, please contact us!

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