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I will make time for your project. Knowledge of Vtiger CRM, SuiteCRM, Laravel, and Vue.js. I offer cooperation options that will help you take advantage of external experience, optimize costs and reduce risks. Full transparency of all stages of work and accounting for time costs. Pay only development working hours after accepting the task. Accept PayPal and Payoneer payment systems. How to hire professional developer? Just fill in the form

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About Myself

A result orientated, dependable professional experienced in various developing positions. Excelling in a fast-paced environment and always aim to increase productivity and company profitability. Working well independently and part of a team as well as being committed to excellence.

Capable of understanding client requirements and translating into code to add new features or modifications for existing products. Perfect designing and problem-solving skills. Strong practical knowledge in designing, programming, and testing back-end applications, integration services, and business processes.

When implementing and designing systems, I primarily choose open source solutions that do not require license fees and monthly payments. I started my professional programming experience in 2008. During this time, a huge number of projects have been implemented, dozens of modules have been developed. I regularly take part in various forums, seminars, conferences. 


Own modules


Total Projects


Total Clients

Tools Expertness

Sugar CRM 85%

Vtiger CRM 90%

Laravel 70%

PHP 95%

Javascript 75%

offerings to my clients

I create effective software solutions for businesses based on free software (OSS) in the field of business process automation systems, CRM and ERP systems; I perform the implementation of CRM, setting up CRM systems. I also offer my clients services for the CRM development (and their refinement) and CRM integration with IP-PBX and other external programs. In my work, I aim to popularize free software in many of its applications (particularly in the field of CRM systems and ERP) and to expand the use of the free approach to software development. The engines and solutions I use are Laravel and VtigerCRM.

CRM implementation

Customizing, training users, creating modules specifically for business needs. Analyzing and automating business processes. No hidden fees.

ERP implementation

Automation of production and production processes, stock сontrol automation. Implementation of open-source solutions based on ODOO and Vtiger CRM. User training.

Infrastructure management

Implementation of IP-PBX solutions based on Asterisk, user monitoring and control systems. Bacula-based backup automation. Server maintenance and configuration.

Website creation

Creating websites of any complexity efficiently and quickly. Clean code. All solutions based on Laravel. Maximally adapted for search engine optimization. No need for technical project.

Software Development

Developing WEB applications and WEB services on an open platform, including high-loaded applications. All softwares are cross-platform and flexible.

User training

Consulting software developers and system administrators. Training users to work in CRM. Selecting the optimal solutions for business. Conducting an IT audit.

My recent implemented projects

This section presents the most interesting and successfully recently implemented projects. In addition, I tell readers about all noteworthy projects in my Blog.


The technologies I use allow me to offer clients proven, reliable software based on open industry standards at a reasonable price and in a short time.

Recent Blog Posts

The creation of effective software solutions for businesses based on free software (Vtiger CRM) in the field of business process automation systems, CRM and ERP systems; CRM implemention, configuration CRM configuration makes it possible to simplify further maintenance of the created systems by technical specialists and to avoid being tied to a supplier. How I achieve this, read in my posts.

Внедряем систему уведомлений в VtigerCRM с помощью Websockets и Vue.js

Implementing notification system in VtigerCRM using Websockets and Vue.js

Today we will try to do something unusual and reactive at the same time. We will implement a notification system for VtigerCRM. And we will implement this, relying on our previous knowledge - message system on RabbitMQ, skills of working with Vue.js.

Подключаем Vue.js к VtigerCRM и создаём первый виджет

How to connect Vue.js to VtigerCRM and create the first widget

Vue.js - это прогрессивный JavaScript-фреймворк, с которым я работал много лет. После работы с большой тройкой - React, Vue и Angular, Vue быстро стал моим основным инструментом для создания множества приложений. Очень часто от клиентов я получаю проекты, связанные с добавлением интерактивности к VtigerCRM. Основная проблема, с которой я столкнулся и о которой слышал от многих моих коллег, заключалась в отсутствии дополнительных материалов о том, как подключить Vue.js к VtigerCRM.

Vtiger и RabbitMQ - Принимаем данные из сторонних приложений

Vtiger and RabbitMQ - Accept data from third-party applications

We continue our master class on introducing asynchronous operations in VtigerCRM. In previous episodes we learned how to send data from Vtiger to queue and receive it in Laravel. Now let's look at the opposite scenario - we will read the messages in the queue and process them accordingly.