Some facts about me

Welcome to my site. My name is Sergey Emelyanov. I am a practicing PHP programmer and developer of Vtiger CRM with 10 years of experience.

In my free time I go in for sports, ride a bike, I like to travel.

I am constantly studying new fronts, watching webinars, visiting offline events, reading reports, following the news of the IT industry. I am always aware of the latest trends in the field of information technology, I follow the developers of CMS, I study the list of changes and other technical documentation necessary for my work.

As a freelancer, I offer my clients services for the development of CRM (and their refinement) and CRM integration with IP telephony systems and other external programs.


Own modules


Total Projects


Total Clients

Tools Expertness

Sugar CRM 85%

Vtiger CRM 90%

Laravel 70%

PHP 95%

Javascript 75%

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10 facts about me

  1. Spheres of activity: php-programming, implementation of CRM;
  2. Positions: CTO, CRM developer;
  3. Leadership experience - almost 5 years;
  4. Maximum number of subordinates: 5 people;
  5. Excellent knowledge of Vtiger, Laravel;
  6. Knowledge of javascript;
  7. OOP ownership;
  8. In the asset: implementation and configuration of telephony based on Asterisk, server administration;
  9. Website development on firewalls and CMS;
  10. Possession of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Corel Draw (layout of sheet and multi-page layouts, advertising modules), basic marketing skills.

offerings to my clients

I create effective software solutions for businesses based on free software (OSS) in the field of business process automation systems, CRM and ERP systems; implement CRM implementation, configure Vtiger CRM.

CRM implementation

Customize, training users, create extensions specifically for business needs. Analyzing and automating business processes. No hidden fees.

ERP implementation

Automation of business and production processes, warehouse management. Implementation of open-source solutions based on ODOO and Vtiger CRM. User training.

Infrastructure management

Implementation of IP-PBX solutions based on Asterisk, user monitoring and control systems. Automate backup based on Bacula system. Setup and servers support.

Website creation

Creating websites of any complexity. Clean code. All solutions based on Laravel. No CMS. The most adapted for work on search engine optimization.

Software Development

I develop WEB-applications and WEB-services on an open platform, including high-loaded applications. All software are cross-platform and flexible.

User training

I can consult software developers and system administrators. I will teach users to work in CRM. I will select the optimal solution for business. I will conduct an IT audit.


The technologies I use make it possible to offer clients repeatedly proven reliable software based on the open standards of the industry at a reasonable price and in a short time.