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Скрипты для Conky на Golang по получению курсов валют и афоризмов

Scripts for Conky in Golang for getting exchange rates and fortunes

At work and at home, I use the Linux operating system exclusively. But what kind of workplace can be without widgets on the desktop? So I decided to install and configure Conky. The application seemed very useful, but something was missing. Why not to add current exchange rates there and display fortunes? For these purposes, I decided to write a script. And since we are talking about a console application, everything was done on GO.

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Скрытие полей в Vtiger

How to hide fields in DetailView in VtigerCRM

Often in the development process we are faced with the task of hiding certain fields depending on the value of the field. There are many modules on the market that implemented this feature without the need for programming, but they work in javascript. Those, the fields are hidden only after the page is fully loaded. This also causes some inconvenience to users and creates an additional load on the system.

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Организовываем связь между доменными сущностями в Laravel

How to organize communication between domain entities in Laravel

In developing projects, I often adhere to the architectural pattern of Porto. I am attracted by the simplicity of its organization and the availability of a ready-made solution on Laravel. Its essence is to move all business logic to Actions, and smaller features to Tasks, and transfer interaction with the database from Repositories. Ultimately, the project is easy to scale, easy to test, and adding new functionality is much faster.

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