Sales Plan extension for Vtiger CRM

Sales Plan extension for Vtiger CRM

The sales plan is intended for automatic control of the sales plan implementation for a certain group of products. Every month, the plan for managers in the implementation and non-fulfillment of a plan is set by an employee who has the appropriate rights. In the plan, you can configure which products are taken into account in the fact calculation and for which period. 

The module is a separate directory that is associated with invoices and products.

You need to go to the directory and add a new plan by filling in the required fields to create a new sales plan: the name of the plan, the start and end dates of the action, the planned sales. Next, you must specify the goods that will be taken into account in actual sales.

The module is closely tied to accounts. When creating an invoice, if it contains products that are specified in the sales plan, it is automatically linked to the plan. Only accounts whose date falls within the specified period in the plan are linked. When the invoice is transferred to the "Completed" status, the fact of the plan increases by the amount of products that fall under the selection in the directory.

The extension provides a function for recalculating the plan, which allows you to re-calculate the amount in fact if any changes were made in the accounts and thus protect yourself from cheating of employees.

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