CRM implementation services

CRM implementation services

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine doing business without the use of complex automation tools. In order to be successful in the market in difficult times, any company needs to competently build relationships with customers, manage resources, control and coordinate the work of employees. To solve these tasks there is a fairly wide range of software products (CRM, ERP, etc.), most of which are commercial software. I offer a different approach to complex business automation. As a private Web-developer I provide a full range of services for the operation of free business software:

  • Implementation of free CRM and ERP systems in your company
  • Integration of free CRM and ERP systems with other programs you use
  • Customization of CRM and ERP systems
  • Software development and customization in accordance with your requirements
  • Support and maintenance of the solutions you use


Using free software as a platform for automatization of your business gives you a number of advantages:

  • Freedom from licenses. Free software is distributed freely and does not require a license.
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in. You can choose another contractor to maintain your system at any time.
  • Freedom to grow the number of employees. No licensing for each user of the system allows you to have as many employee accounts as you need.
  • Freedom to host your data. You can install the system either on a cloud service or on a dedicated server physically located on your company's premises.
  • Freedom to integrate your system. You can establish interaction with your corporate website, accounting software, as well as with any other information system you need.

I specialize in CRM and ERP development based on the following free software platforms:

  • vTiger CRM
  • Salesplatform CRM
  • Suite CRM
  • Laravel

Development of software solutions based on free software is the main direction of my activity. Over the years I have accumulated a significant level of competence and created a large number of modules and extensions for the most popular and popular free software products for business. I successfully integrate these software products with the existing information infrastructure of enterprises for more efficient and convenient work. 

I am primarily focused on cooperation with legal entities. I am registered in the Russian jurisdiction and work fully in the legal field of the Russian Federation. With all clients I conclude service agreements and form a complete package of closing documents for the accounting department. If necessary, the documents can be sent to the Customer by mail or electronically through the SIS-Online system.

Especially for you I can make a demonstration of my solution. To order a presentation, please fill in the order form:

Price for my services

# Type Time Price
01 vTiger CRM installation on your server 2 days $100
02 Vtiger CRM development services per hour 1 hour $25
03 User or administrator training services per hour 1 hour $35
04 CRM implementation services 1 month $1500
05 Development of new module for Vtiger CRM from 2 days from $150
06 Integration with third-party services from 2 days from $200
07 Asterisk integration services from 3 days from $350
08 Asterisk configuration services 1 month $2000
09 Corporate portal development based on Laravel + Vue.js 1 month $1500
10 ERP system development 2 month $3000
11 Sales order management software development 1 week $800

Hire Professional CRM developer for $25 per hour

I will make time for your project. Knowledge of Vtiger CRM, SuiteCRM, Laravel, and Vue.js. I offer cooperation options that will help you take advantage of external experience, optimize costs and reduce risks. Full transparency of all stages of work and accounting for time costs. Pay only development working hours after accepting the task. Accept PayPal and Payoneer payment systems. How to hire professional developer? Just fill in the form