Software development

Software development

We are pleased to offer you our services in the field of web and application programming.

Why do you need it?

It has long been known that one of the most effective ways to increase business efficiency in the market is to create your own automation programs. This allows you to reduce costs, increase labor productivity, increase sales of goods and services.

Of course, at this moment in the network there are quite a few platforms that promise to create a website for free. But later this site turns out to be so heavily littered with spam and annoying advertising that it ceases to be in demand among visitors, and therefore advertisers. In addition, it will be similar to thousands of other free, but faceless resources. And therefore, will not stand out against their background.

I offer you to create not just a complex project, but a product of the creative process and non-standard thinking! After all, only a qualified programmer will be able to create you a recognizable, profitable software product. And in fact, there are not so many such specialists. They are "worth their weight in gold" and I am ready to share this gold with you.

I am engaged in professional programming, which is guided by an individual approach to the client and his wishes. This allows me to create for you a complex web product that will reflect the features of your business and in the near future will bring you a decent income and popularity. In my work I maximally focus on laying in the software product the maximum ability to sell or manage your goods and services. I will help you to attract new customers and increase profits.

It should be noted that the money you will only need to invest once.

In addition to web-design I offer you services in application programming.

What is it?

This is the development and subsequent implementation with debugging specialized programs at the request of the customer. For example, I can develop for you an individual accounting system, convenient for your business. Or a special program for processing text documents. Everything depends only on your desires and needs.

Applied programming is a subtle creative process, which can be compared to the work of a jeweler, and which can only be handled by a professional. It gives the programmer the opportunity to experiment and improve, thus improving the project he is working on. And it allows you to make corrections directly in the process of project creation.

Briefly about me

I am a professional developer, I create complex solutions for business and software products, websites.

I am always open to constructive dialog and ready to correct my mistakes, if there are any, according to the customer. And also to take into account and fulfill all the wishes of the customer, even if it will have to completely redo almost ready project.

My stack includes PHP, Javascript, Golang, I have not only a lot of practical experience, but also an extensive theoretical base.

My principle - to each customer an individual approach! Therefore, I am confident in the high results of my work and your future success.

Similar services are offered by many programmers working independently. Perhaps there are good specialists among them, and even, probably, they will do a good job. Their services may seem more profitable to you, but think about it. After all, such freelancers, unlike us, do not give any guarantees of work fulfillment in the agreed time or reimbursement of losses in case the project turns out to be unsuccessful. And after all, application programming is one of the most expensive services offered by freelancers. Should you risk your money?

Do you want to create your own web-site? Change the standard software to a specially written for you?

Call, and my prices will pleasantly surprise you affordability and democracy. And not because I do not know how to work. It is because I do not chase for profit and do not seek to take my clients as much as possible. I simply love my work and do it from the heart.

Contact me, using any of the above methods, and I will be happy to help you solve your problems or realize your projects.

Price for my services

# Type Time Price
01 vTiger CRM installation on your server 2 days $100
02 Vtiger CRM development services per hour 1 hour $25
03 User or administrator training services per hour 1 hour $35
04 CRM implementation services 1 month $1500
05 Development of new module for Vtiger CRM from 2 days from $150
06 Integration with third-party services from 2 days from $200
07 Asterisk integration services from 3 days from $350
08 Asterisk configuration services 1 month $2000
09 Corporate portal development based on Laravel + Vue.js 1 month $1500
10 ERP system development 2 month $3000
11 Sales order management software development 1 week $800

Hire Professional CRM developer for $25 per hour

I will make time for your project. Knowledge of Vtiger CRM, SuiteCRM, Laravel, and Vue.js. I offer cooperation options that will help you take advantage of external experience, optimize costs and reduce risks. Full transparency of all stages of work and accounting for time costs. Pay only development working hours after accepting the task. Accept PayPal and Payoneer payment systems. How to hire professional developer? Just fill in the form