Website development

Website development

It is no secret that today, in the age of rapid development of information technologies, more and more business is transferred to the virtual environment. Perhaps, in the earlier period of development of network solutions and was considered a kind of extravagance to have an Internet representation of your own company, but now it is as a full-fledged part of business, the need for which is dictated by the realities of the present time.

I, as a private WEB-developer offer as a complete solution to create a representation of your business in the Internet "turnkey", and separately realized tasks: site development, site design, site redesign, etc. I offer the following services:

  • Website page design
  • Redesign and recoloring of the site
  • Site redesign
  • Website development from scratch

Every director of his own company or investor initially assumes that after the development of the site and placing it on the Internet the number of customers and potential investors in the business will increase dramatically, but this is a very erroneous point of view! In the public network, as in life, without promotion and advertising the project will not move, and therefore will not bring and the necessary profits.

Therefore, it is so important that the users of the network saw your "face" in the virtual space, and this requires resorting to the services of specialists in the field of optimization and promotion of the resource of your organization.

This type of service I provide - as a set of works together with the creation of the site, and as a separate type of tasks performed.

So, my proposals:

  • Audit and monitoring of attendance and promotion of the site
  • Marketing audit
  • Technical optimization
  • Search promotion
  • Organization of advertising campaign
  • Full support of the Internet project

No matter how easy you go on the road of development of your own business network, but still sooner or later you will have to turn to typographic products. I can assist you in the process of making a design in the following areas:

  • Company logo design
  • Development of corporate style of the company
  • Booklet design
  • Design of business cards and stickers
  • Design of catalogs and book covers
  • Design of flyers and posters
  • Development of design of advertising leaflets and posters

Do you need to write a software package required by your business? Perhaps you want to receive regular reports on the company's activities? Maybe your accounting department or management team is not working as efficiently as you would like? Creating the right business management system is indeed not an easy task. But you can simplify its solution by resorting to the power and speed of modern technologies in the field of software. Control over the activities of the company without leaving your own office, reporting on the monitor screen - all this gives undeniable advantages in a highly competitive environment!

The evolution of modern IT-technologies is fully utilized by me and offered for use in your business process:

  • Software development according to the ready technical assignment
  • Implementation and maintenance of third-party software (1C, Directum, Garant, Consultant+, etc.).
  • Development, testing and filling of databases for various systems
  • Installation and customization of other software

My services will help to create and customize the hierarchy of your office network of computers and servers, as well as unite in a single information space of your company's representative offices in different cities and countries.

Price for my services

# Type Time Price
01 vTiger CRM installation on your server 2 days $100
02 Vtiger CRM development services per hour 1 hour $25
03 User or administrator training services per hour 1 hour $35
04 CRM implementation services 1 month $1500
05 Development of new module for Vtiger CRM from 2 days from $150
06 Integration with third-party services from 2 days from $200
07 Asterisk integration services from 3 days from $350
08 Asterisk configuration services 1 month $2000
09 Corporate portal development based on Laravel + Vue.js 1 month $1500
10 ERP system development 2 month $3000
11 Sales order management software development 1 week $800

Hire Professional CRM developer for $25 per hour

I will make time for your project. Knowledge of Vtiger CRM, SuiteCRM, Laravel, and Vue.js. I offer cooperation options that will help you take advantage of external experience, optimize costs and reduce risks. Full transparency of all stages of work and accounting for time costs. Pay only development working hours after accepting the task. Accept PayPal and Payoneer payment systems. How to hire professional developer? Just fill in the form