Free ebook - relationships with shareholders in credit unions

Free ebook - relationships with shareholders in credit unions

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Over the past year, I have introduced customer relationship management systems in two credit cooperatives. In the process of implementation, I have accumulated a huge amount of insights with which I am in a hurry to share with readers.

The book is written in simple and accessible language and speaks here about the most important thing - about relationships with shareholders. How to build their loyalty from the first visit to the credit cooperative, how to make all shareholders happy.

Many financial organizations do this very well: the database contains data on hundreds of thousands of customers, sellers know all the features and needs of each visitor, and everyone when visiting a place feels unique, unique and very important. And the volumes are constantly growing. The same can be done in the co-op.

This book contains guidelines designed to help cooperative management teach employees the basics of delivering high-quality services. We would recommend that these principles be distributed to all staff in the form of a memorandum stating that this is the initial version of the instruction for improving the quality of service for the credit cooperative. The memo is also worth asking the employees to leave their comments and suggestions for changes until the guidelines become the official policy of the credit cooperative. After the management has received all the proposed changes, it will be useful to have a meeting with all employees of the cooperative. At this meeting, go through the guidelines, discuss all the proposed changes and tick off additional comments. This way, when everyone in the credit cooperative thinks, discusses and becomes involved in developing instructions for improving the quality of service, will help come to the creation of such a policy that will be quickly and easily implemented throughout the credit cooperative.

If you follow the above recommendations, over time the guidelines will be rewritten by the employees themselves, the latter, in turn, will be partially trained and more susceptible to subsequent training. And, of course, you will need to receive from the employees a large amount of input data before the official publication of your instructions.

As soon as you receive feedback and conduct a general staff meeting, we suggest publishing the instructions, highlighting the relevant policy sections of the credit cooperative. Then a copy should be issued to each employee on receipt, and all personnel should use the instructions given to him as a guide in their daily activities. So, the first step in the quality improvement program has been made. It is time for the remaining stages.

From this book you will learn about the systems approach to managing relationships with shareholders. This is not a control for the sake of control. This is an opportunity to find more ways to sell products and services of the cooperative, so that in the end the organization would satisfy more needs of shareholders. After reading this book, you will learn how to properly coordinate and combine these or other marketing channels - telephone communication, negotiations with shareholders, written correspondence, learn how to assemble the tools you know into a single system for making a profit.

The benefits of it are obvious: by properly distributing marketing tools, the professional of the credit cooperative will bring much more benefit to the shareholders.

This book contains not theories, but examples from the life, the real practice of professional marketing specialists in the CCP. After reading this book, you can easily find a number of additional tools to attract and retain shareholders, and this will seriously affect the results of your cooperative. You only need to spend a couple of hours reading.

This is a small, very easy to read and at the same time very useful book.

Each idea presented in it was tested in practice, tested on the experience of many cooperatives and on the experience of professional marketers. The same as you.

We hope that you will take for yourself the ideas described in the book and will use them. Use to achieve success in the activities of the cooperative.

If you work harder, that's good. Thanks to this book, you will add quality to diligence and significantly improve your performance. And if diligence and quality are supported by a small amount of talent, you will definitely become the best in the cooperative credit sector.

You can get the book absolutely free by writing me in the feedback form.

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