Vtiger Extension "Realization Programs"

Vtiger Extension "Realization Programs"

When choosing a product in the “Orders” and “Offers” module, as well as choosing the type of implementation program, the system automatically fills in the appropriate fields in the “Goods and Services” block, namely prices, discounts.

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  • Completed: 02/01/2019

When choosing a product in the “Orders” and “Offers” module, as well as choosing the type of implementation program, the system automatically fills in the appropriate fields in the “Goods and Services” block, namely prices, discounts.

However, the price is not subject to adjustment. The user can add a discount on the product or fill in the “Adjustment” and “User discount” fields manually. If the “Adjustment” and “User Discount” fields are not filled in, the order status is automatically transferred to “Standard” (this field in the form of a checkbox is available for adjustment only to a user with administrative rights). This means that the order does not require approval and the task is to print and sign the documents by the parties.

If the user has filled in the “Manual adjustment” and “User discount” fields, the task is automatically assigned to the employee responsible for the workflow settings for order or offer approval, and the order itself acquires the “Non-standard” status. If the order is agreed, the manager sets the status of “Non-standard agreed upon.” This status can only set the head. After approval, the task is set for the responsible officer to print and sign the documents by the parties. The manager may also set the status “Agreed with comments”, in this case a field with a note appears in the order, which is required. The head can also set the status "Sent for revision." In the latter case, the transaction requires a revision of the conditions - the user is given the task of adjusting the parameters of the order and then he sets the task for the manager to re-approve.

In the settings panel, the settings of the implementation program module have been added, where the possibility of adding additional programs and adjusting the functionality for adjusting values ​​with discounts, surcharges will be provided.

The implementation program provides the following types of items for customization:

Adjustment of the base price (in percentage and in kind).

Adjustment of discounts specified in clause 4.2.9.

Item off discounts.

The percentage of prepayment.

The list of products for which the implementation program is available.

Frequency of billing. The periodicity parameters are the same as in the Orders module.

When creating a new program, its application conditions are selected: full / partial initial payment, type of agreement, credit / leasing organization. Accordingly, the same parameters are selected during the execution of the application and the contract, thus, by these basic parameters, you can control the availability of a program for the conditions that satisfy the client.

In the “Products” tab, the user can select the products to which the implementation program belongs.

Next, using the filter, the objects of realization are selected and transferred to the final list of objects that fall under the program. You can transfer from the filter to the list several times, selecting different options. When setting a new program, the availability of this program for certain objects is set separately. Thus, you can turn off / on the program action for individual objects without affecting the whole program. When you enter the updated program / price setting, you can open and adjust the old one (changing prices or availability), saving as new, with a new period of validity. For the program, the required documents are set and the program base document is attached (scan of the price setting protocol). It is also possible to define a list of optional documents for the execution of a contract with the selected program.

The pricing procedure for the module "Contract" and "Proposals" is as follows:

The user adds a new order, fills in all the required fields (Counterparty, order name, date).

The user selects from the price the desired product or service.

The system asks for an implementation program.

The system, based on the data in the settings of the “Discounts” and “Implementation Program” modules, sets the base cost of the goods, discounts for the customer, product, product group. At the same time, the parameters specified in the “Implementation Programs” module should be in priority. For example, if in the settings of the Implementation Program module it is indicated that discounts are not calculated, then, despite a possible order discount of 50%, the system should not provide a discount to the counterparty.

At the same time, on the basis of the selected implementation program, the system automatically creates a new account. The first account is created for the amount specified in the prepayment point of the “Implementation Program”, and the rest are scheduled according to the periodicity item.

The user can create a printed invoice for payment only after the agreement of the contract.

The “Contract” module generates a package of documents for signing as printed forms in PDF format. By the time the Order is created, it is understood that the client is fully determined with the object of purchase and payment options.

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