SEO-packages must die

SEO-packages must die

I'm tired of standard SEO packages. You, probably, met with such inquiries, when you are called and asked to send a commercial proposal on what you can do to promote their company and what the prices will be. I am tired of companies that offer such packages as "10 posts for 5 thousand rubles."


This is old-fashioned small-scale thinking. If you want 10 posts for 5 thousand rubles. and you take 500 rubles per hour. Write a few blog posts in 30 minutes within five hours. I am sure that the quality will be much higher than to pay who knows who to do it for you. Marketing "packages" do not work. Marketing that works is not a typical product that fits every business. Depending on your business and who your customers are, and the current stage of the company's development, different channels will work better or worse than you to actually get results.

Many entrepreneurs come to me who ask for a price list for standard packages and they ask how many customers will receive in return. But the inner voice tells me that behind their request lies a simple ignorance of the basics of promotion - they see marketing consulting as transactional. "I give you this and I get this." Sorry, but this is not how marketing works. This is not the case, how the business works in principle! If the business were so easy, then everyone would be an entrepreneur.

Just look at these two examples:

And this message:

"I have a small but rapidly growing enterprise and I do not have a large amount for promotion. Therefore, I would like to hear from you some suggestion for" newbies ", if you have one. If my company continues to grow, I will have additional funds for advertising, but I want to start with something. "

So, the second example is the one who speaks well and thinks about how to develop his business, but this kind of presentation worries me.

What kind of marketing works?

When you choose someone to grow your business, you usually hire them to find out which channels work best and then start optimizing them. If you are a marketer, you know that your first efforts are never your last efforts - you start something, then constantly optimize as you get to know your target audience, find out which channels are working and where you should invest future efforts and money.

Anyone who sells standard packages for promotion probably won't give you the results you need. Instead, here’s what you need to consider first because you’re looking for someone to develop your marketing:

He will listen to your marketing history and study your business needs.

He gives you advice on areas that have not yet been considered for business development.

He tells you where he is going to start, not what will be at the end of the game. Beware of guarantees.

Top marketing consultants and agencies take a consultative approach to everything they do since the sales process. If you can take your credit card and pay for marketing, you will not get what you need to actually grow your business. Of course, you can post several blog posts, attract several subscribers, collect email addresses, but how do you know if your business needs such a movement? I think no.

Do not get carried away with marketing packages. If you are serious about developing your business, invest in it and hire the best professionals in your business.

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