When will I see any results from SEO promotion?

When will I see any results from SEO promotion?

The most popular question that I often hear from clients who work with marketing agencies is: “When will I see any results from SEO promotion?”. This question is from both existing and potential customers. Most SEO experts say it may take from several months to a year to really see the results from their work.

And everything that you will see in 2-3 months will be insignificant compared to what happens in 12 months if you do everything correctly in the SЕО area.

I always adhere to the long-term strategy and values ​​of SEO. That is why I say that all this requires at least six months for many reasons:

It takes time to conduct an audit.

It takes time to do the work.

It takes time for search engines to index the site.

Building a reference mass takes a lot of time if you are doing everything scalable.

One of the reasons why I like to create my own websites is that I can show specific cases.

This is a real screenshot of the site of the construction company "Credo" from January 1, 2015 (8 months before the start of work on the site) until March 18, 2017.

You probably ask a question, how long did the SЕО process take? The list of actions you can see above. You may notice:

The jump was around November 2015, when I started working on the site and it received a bunch of external links.

Traffic grew steadily until 2016, when I was working on content, creating pages that would have value for search engines and more.

November / December collapse due to seasonality.

What you don’t see is a move to a new, readable domain (the move process itself went almost unnoticed and we didn’t lose traffic, except for a few days) and then move to HTTPS around May 2016.

You also will not see a huge amount of spent hours working on content and thousands of lines of code that I wrote to get from almost zero to a decent amount of traffic every week and steadily growing day by day.

After I posted this post on my blog on March 19, 2017, I had a lot of questions, especially from SEO optimizers. Readers asked what I did, which has led to such impressive results in recent months.

My answer: I just stuck to my strategy. I did the following things day after day:

Created links through content.

Pushed industry content, for example, research results.

Updated content as needed.

No, in many positions I am not in the first places. But I continue to work on the site, correcting technical and architectural problems (and soon I will release a number of fixes), and constantly moving forward.

CEO is not for one night. Sometimes, of course, you may stumble upon low-hanging fruits that can yield a quick harvest. And it can do even more harm than good.

Returning to my post last week, if I stopped and gave up in mid-2016, I would be here:


Yes, I would have been pleased enough with these results, but I would have suffered more if I had given up!

Therefore, listen to my advice - SЕО requires a lot of time and consistency, the correctness of your actions - learning keywords, content marketing, technical CEO.

Do not give up. Do not dismiss your SEO-agency in two months, simply because you do not see the results. SEO is patience and consistency; stick to this strategy.

Good luck!

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