Vtiger 7.4 - what's new?

Vtiger 7.4 - what's new?

At the end of July 2021, a new version of Vtiger 7.4 was released. In this version, as usual, 26 errors were fixed and additional functionality was added. Of the most critical points, I would like to note: fixed the saving of records when transferring the date in the dd.mm.yyyy format and now the dates are saved correctly, fixed the error when sending the commercial proposal in PDF format by e-mail (earlier letters were sent, but the commercial proposal itself was not attached to the letter ), fixed the change of user password (previously, in some cases, the user could not change his password from the profile).

What other features I would like to note in this version:

  • A very important functionality has been added to the data import - now duplicates can be searched by the CRMID field. Previously, if they wanted to search for duplicates, they did it by the record number, which was not very convenient for administrators and developers.
  • Added password validation. Now neither the user nor the administrator will be able to create a password if there are no special characters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Useful functionality for security purposes.
  • Updated javascript library - JQuery, Daterangepicker, JqueryUI.
  • Updated library log4php.
  • Improved system performance when updating records. Previously, each time a record was changed, the system would update the record label with a separate request. For these purposes, system had a separate handler that was triggered every time the records were updated. Now this handler has been removed and added directly to the data saving function itself.
  • Added versioning of Javascript files. Now, if there is a change on the server, users see them immediately. No need to clear browser cache.
  • Administrators now have the ability to remove filters from other users. Previously, there was such a problem that the user created filters, made them public, then quit. And no one could remove this filter, including the administrator. This was only possible through the base.
  • Added additional hooks. Finally, Vtiger starts down the path of announcing events. Unfortunately, there is only one event so far. In the config_override.php file, you can add your own array ('session' => 'Vtiger_CustomSession_Handler') class, which will allow you to set your own session management logic. In the future, it is planned to introduce new hooks. Hooks like these will allow developers to implement their own business logic without interfering with the core of the system.
  • Added a new period to the frequency of sending invoices - every 4 months.
  • Improved calendar. Now it allows you to select several groups of events for filtering (see screen above).
  • The history of changes in records is now stored, including the change of links between modules.
  • Comments added to tickets are private by default.

I am glad that the system becomes more stable with each release. The release of the Russian version of salesplatform seems to be already abandoned, so in new projects I implement the original version of Vtiger 7.4. I hope the Russian version will be updated soon. Nevertheless, in order not to wait, you can install the latest English-language release and transfer the Russification from the old version manually.

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